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Salmon, vodka and tomato juice pennette flambé
Tomato, chick peas, parsley and broccoli cream risotto
Bucatini in pink sauce and curried brown shrimps
Gnocchi, tomato cubes and lemon
Tomato, bread crumbs, pecorino and parsley pasta
Fetuccine with Parma ham and caramelized onions
Seared squids à la puttanesca
Fish cubes marinated in soy and apple cider in curried tomato juice
Fresh tuna steaks with tomato, balsamic vinegar, pink pepper and wild fennel
Sauteèd squilla mantis shrimps and prawns
Zucchini with cheese, tomato, thyme and poppy seed stuffing
Grilled eggplant roulade with tomato
Fried egg sunny side up with tomato
Seitan and grilled finferli mushrooms with tomato juice reduction
French toast with avocado, feta and tomato juice
Breaded shredded chicken
Bacon, tomato and red wine beef medallions
Beef tartare in Tomato Juice
Lamb ribs stew with cannellini beans and marjoram
Borlotti beans in tomato sauce Parma style


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