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Behind the Brand, a Consortium, a Cooperative of Farming Companies made of people and especially of great ambitions, for the earth, and quality made in Italy.

Behind the Brand, a Consortium of farmers

Behind the Brand, a Consortium, a Cooperative of Farming Companies made of people and especially of great ambitions, for the earth, and quality made in Italy.

Pomì is known in Italy and in the world (over 60 countries) as the historical tomato brand, with guaranteed 100% Italian quality.
However, not everyone knows about the relationship which roots it so deeply in its territory, part of a large Italian Farming Cooperative: the Casalasco Tomato Consortium.

This bond makes it possible for Pomì to have direct control on the entire tomato production chain - from the very earth to the shelves, from the seed to the finished product - ensuring the consumer a fresh and tasty product, delicious and genuine, because it is made with wisdom and knowledge by Consortium farmers, respecting the earth and its life cycles.

Pomì from the heart of the Italian Food Valley

The Casalasco Tomato Consortium was founded in 1977 from the joining of several farms in the Emilia region, to offer on the market ready-to-use products that distinguish themselves for their goodness and quality.
Today the Cooperative includes 370 Farming Companies, a large amount of people, knowledge and experience, passed down from generations.

The Consortium's crops cover 7,000 hectares of land, no more than 50 kilometers away from the processing plants.

Everything happens in the heart of the Italian Food Valley - cultivation, processing, packaging – among the provinces of Parma, Piacenza, Cremona and Mantova, a very short supply chain of which Pomì is proud.

A discerning consumer can follow the products’ history along the entire supply chain processes, thanks to Pomìtrace, an advanced tracking tool available on every package.

Once upon a time there was, and there still exists: love for the earth and love for quality!

Casalasco Tomato Consortium and Pomì share a wealth of values, control and quality systems, and together they preserve the hard work and wisdom of the farming culture.

Every day tradition merges with state-of-the-art technology for the production and packaging of products, without ever forgetting that “The product’s high quality and future hails from respecting the earth”.




About Pomì

Good manners in the field

This concept embraces the values of the short and clean Pomì supply chain, inspired by the zero kilometer principle: this is why tomatoes grown close to home are the primary ingredient of all our products.


About Pomì

Summer, the season of Pomì tomatoes

Summer is when the lands of the Consortium provide us with their finest fruit; at Pomì we prepare to celebrate it by harvesting and processing, bringing tomato to the table in all its facets: the softness of puree, the veracity of pulp and the freshness of diced tomatoes... 


About Pomì

Technology facilitates sustainability

Food production is one of the main causes of climate change: according to FAO data, 54% of waste occurs upstream, during the production, collection and processing of food.