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Pomì goes global!

Pomì's digital presence expands to include three continents with dedicated websites and social channels for each country, for a continuous dialog with "red gold" enthusiasts and fans of authentic Italian cuisine... good and healthy.

On the occasion of the 2018 Cibus exhibition in Parma, we launched our new multi-country Pomì digital platform, with 13 websites dedicated to the major strategic markets: Italy, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Guatemala, Russia, Japan, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Dedicated social websites and profiles for each country

A website full of information on products, company and supply chain, always updated with original recipes, news and curiosities, and social channels to establish new relationships and involve people to interact on the most exciting issues.

The launch of the digital platform opens a new long-term communication strategy: a brand storytelling aimed at the direct and personalized contact with varied local audiences to spread our values and share the good and healthy Italian lifestyle.
A project designed by Hoop Communication srl in cooperation with international partners to be able to better communicate with people around the world.

Pomì Worldwide

The process of digital internationalization is the natural development of a brand that has always protected its main international markets, in particular those of Europe, the Middle East and the United States, where in 2009 Pomì Usa Inc. was born, the subsidiary of Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro which exclusively distributes and markets in the North American market the product packaged in Italy.

Therefore, a worldwide digital presence reflects the diffusion of Pomì products in the world, a virtual journey towards new markets to make people know the goodness and versatility of our products and to expand the family of red gold enthusiasts and the fans of the authentic Italian cuisine.

But why do people from over 60 countries choose Pomì?

We have asked our Export Managers about it.
The people who choose Pomì love Made in Italy, quality products, and no GMOs; products that offer guarantees and certifications not only on quality and food safety, but also in terms of environmental, economic and ethical sustainability.

They love the quality and freshness of products derived from 100% Italian tomatoes and 100% part of the chain, grown in what was renamed the Italian Food Valley.

Welcome to the new Pomì worldwide network!

Willkommen auf der neuen weltweiten Pomito Netz!

Добро пожаловать в новую всемирную сеть Pomi!

Bienvenu sur le nouveau réseau mondial de Pomì!

Bienvenidos a la nueva red mundial de Pomì!

أهلا وسهلا في شبكة عالمية ل"بومي" الجديدة.

Benvenuti nel nuovo Pomì worldwide network!




About Pomì

Pomì Trace: the guarantee of our quality

Maximum quality, freshness and reliability: Noi di Pomì has always been committed to providing quality and flavor for you, with our red products.


About Pomì

Good, not just at Christmas

We’re all better at Christmas. But our goodness goes well beyond Christmas.


About Pomì

Good manners in the field

This concept embraces the values of the short and clean Pomì supply chain, inspired by the zero kilometer principle: this is why tomatoes grown close to home are the primary ingredient of all our products.