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Day-to-day choices and challenges along the entire chain make Pomì Tomato Purée a highly appreciated product.

Pomì quality: a daily choice

The quality of Pomì products is about so much more than just taste and flavor. Day-to-day choices and challenges along the entire chain make Pomì Tomato Purée a highly appreciated product.

Quality is a complex word, which at Pomì “is summed up as freshness and a very short supply chain”, in the words of Giovanna Poletti, Quality Manager, Pomì.

Tomatoes are tended in the fields of the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro, with the synergistic cooperation of farmers and Pomì Agronomists. They are ripened to perfection, harvested and kept fresh during their brief journey from the field to processing facilities.

The supply chain has a direct effect on the goodness of the transformed, end product and Pomi's extremely short supply chain is also a guarantee of food safety.

Safety is further ensured by meticulous controls upon delivery to Pomì processing facilities. The correct qualitative, chemical-physical, microbiological and organoleptic properties of tomatoes are checked and transformed into an end product characterized by 100% genuine flavor and aroma.

The importance of a supply chain that is short, controlled and harmoniously managed just like at Pomì, involving shareholder farms who work on fields close to transformation facilities: this is the true strength which is captured in the flavor of Pomì products.

Because a product is a quality product when it is the result of a complex process which guarantees a standard of excellence. This is why quality is an absolute value at Pomì, expressed in tireless research for improvement, not only of the finished product, but also of the process behind it.

At Pomì, quality is a daily choice.




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Technology facilitates sustainability

Food production is one of the main causes of climate change: according to FAO data, 54% of waste occurs upstream, during the production, collection and processing of food.


About Pomì

Meet Our Farmers: Pomì takes care of those who take care of tomatoes

At Pomì we are aware of the value of the work done those who grow them: our farmers.


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For Pomì, sustainability is a multi-faceted concept, combining different yet indivisible aspects