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Maximum quality, freshness and reliability: Noi di Pomì has always been committed to providing quality and flavor for you, with our red products.

Pomì Trace: the guarantee of our quality

Maximum quality, freshness and reliability: Noi di Pomì has always been committed to providing quality and flavor for you, with our red products.

All this thanks to control practices applied from the seeds we grow, to innovative farming and processing techniques, with the aim of reducing our footprint, right through to the targeted quality analysis of every single tomato, the ingredient of our products.

Picked only when ripened to perfection and packaged within 24 hours from harvest, Pomì tomato is guaranteed, to provide excellent quality coupled with a full-bodied and fresh flavor, thanks to a chain of concrete actions we are pleased to share with you.

Where? On the label of each tin of Pomì

We believe that transparency and traceability are excellent tools for inviting you to the world of Pomì, describing the story of every single package of Pomì pulp and puree; a story filled with our passion, as well as all the quality, food safety and reliability you look for when buying our products.

And we do it in a smart way!

Our traceability system also applies to our raw materials, ingredients, packaging, processes, laboratory controls and logistics, to ensure traceability along the entire production chain, from field to single package, and to provide you with detailed information on the product's story.

We're serious about traceability

Traceability means a lot to us, because we believe this is what makes Pomì a safe brand. This is why our tomato production chain is developed and all major activities are documented thanks to our traceability system, providing you with full information on the:

• characteristics of the land and treatments;
• origin of tomato (farm, variety and seed batch); land of provenance);
• date and hour of delivery, from start to finish of processing;
• supplier and batch of packaging;
• results of laboratory analyses in the field and during production at facilities;
• storage warehouse and shipment;
• route and destination of dispatched product.

Since the salubriousness and food safety of our products are at the top of our list of values, over the years we have developed a system of state-of-the-art laboratories that carry out process, environmental and finished product analyses, so that we always live up to your expectations (and are worthy of being served at your table!).

To give you an example, here are the analyses we carried out during the 2020 tomato harvesting season:

• an average of 7,635 chemical-physical analyses per day on produce, the equivalent of 5 analyses per minute;
• an average of 2,187 microbiological analyses per day of the finished product, the equivalent of 1.5 analyses per minute;
• 405 multiresidual analyses on processed tomatoes, amounting to 6.8 times a day.

Pomì Trace

Ever wondered about the provenance of Pomì products you buy?
Pomì Trace is the computerized system developed and designed by us for you: it's simple - use the production batch on the package to trace the Farm of origin and area of cultivation of the fresh product!

Have you already tried Pomì Trace?
Select the product and enter the data requested to find out where your Pomì product comes from!




About Pomì

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About Pomì

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About Pomì

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