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The secret of Pomì goodness!

The freshness and zest of the flavor of our products is the result of a precise corporate decision to shorten the distances in the processing and supply chain.

The goodness of a final product is not obtained only as a result of agricultural practice and excellent transformation processes, but through an entire Quality System based on the Pomì short supply chain.

The tomato plants – all carefully selected and strictly non-GMO – are grown by expert farmers from the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro (Casalesco Tomato Consortium) who cultivate exclusively this crop which is monitored at all stages by specialist agronomists.

It is an ancient vocation founded on respect for the land, and today it can rely on sophisticated technology and precision agriculture in order to reduce environmental impact and make tomato growing increasingly sustainable.

The fresh product is harvested no further than 50 kilometers from the processing plants.
This strategic decision makes it possible to process the tomatoes immediately after harvesting when they have reached the right state of ripeness, fragrance and succulence.

The minimal distance also ensures that the tomatoes retain their organoleptic properties in order to guarantee a quality product in terms of freshness and food security.
Quality that we find in the fragrant zesty flavors of Pomì products.

A naturally preserved freshness guaranteed by the extremely short supply chain.
In fact Pomì products do not contain preservatives but receive a thermal treatment similar to the pasteurization done at home when preparing sauces, jams and pickled vegetables, though reproduced in large processing plants.

The same care goes into packaging!
The packaging of Pomì products is absolutely guaranteed, selected from a list of approved suppliers and checked every year by the Quality System.

Every step in tomato processing, from the seed to the final product, is under our control and consumers can check the origin of our products at any time thanks to the PomìTrace traceability system which monitors all the main phases.

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About Pomì

Pomì Trace: the guarantee of our quality

Maximum quality, freshness and reliability: Noi di Pomì has always been committed to providing quality and flavor for you, with our red products.


About Pomì

Good, not just at Christmas

We’re all better at Christmas. But our goodness goes well beyond Christmas.


About Pomì

Good manners in the field

This concept embraces the values of the short and clean Pomì supply chain, inspired by the zero kilometer principle: this is why tomatoes grown close to home are the primary ingredient of all our products.