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The choices which make Pomì tomato a delicious and genuine product.

Soil, water, and heart: ingredients of Pomì tomato

Short supply chain, Italianness, traceability, sustainability. These are the choices which make Pomì tomato a delicious and genuine product.

Because the goodness of a product is not achieved simply though processing, it all starts with three ingredients: soil, water and the heart of farmers.

Pomì tomatoes are grown in the rolling planes of the Po Valley: the land of farmers who are members of the Consorzio del Casalasco. Perfect for growing rustic and versatile plants like tomatoes, protected by rotation with other crops such as wheat and corn, or soya beans, peas and beet, resulting in a rich and fertile soil.

Here cultivars are carefully selected by farmers - the heart and hands of this tomato - from those proposed by the Consortium's agronomy departments. Such team work guarantees specific characteristics of selected varieties: productivity in the field and organoleptic properties suitable for processing.

Associated farms of the Consortium have strong ties with the land. This is why the main focus of innovation is sustainability, to guarantee respect first and foremost for the territory, followed by the consumer.

Pomì is committed to protecting a fundamental and increasingly limited resource: water. Efficient drip irrigation is used in fields, supported by specific probes which constantly monitor soil humidity.

This combined irrigation and fertilisation system saves up to 25% of water, as water and fertiliser distribution is targeted and occurs at multiple points, reducing waste to a minimum.

Because tomato production is all about defending the tomato, by protecting the land and water used to grow it.




About Pomì

Technology facilitates sustainability

Food production is one of the main causes of climate change: according to FAO data, 54% of waste occurs upstream, during the production, collection and processing of food.


About Pomì

Meet Our Farmers: Pomì takes care of those who take care of tomatoes

At Pomì we are aware of the value of the work done those who grow them: our farmers.


About Pomì

Pomì quality: a daily choice

Day-to-day choices and challenges along the entire chain make Pomì Tomato Purée a highly appreciated product.