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For over 20 years now, Pomì has been investing in environmental, economic and social sustainability, with a view to making tomato growing an increasingly virtuous process.

What sustainability means for Pomì

For over 20 years now, Pomì has been investing in environmental, economic and social sustainability, with a view to making tomato growing an increasingly virtuous process.

Here at Pomì, “Sustainability” is “plural”.
The company is part of a Consortium that brings together 370 agricultural businesses with Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification, a protocol that defines good farming and production practices, as well as aspects connected with health, ethics, food safety and safety in the workplace.

The Consortium has introduced precision agriculture, fertigation, forecasting tools and technologies that make it possible to reduce water consumption and to safeguard the land and those who live on it.
This is why Pomì is able to guarantee a 100% Italian, 100% sustainable product, from an environmental, economic, ethical and social point of view.

Environmental sustainability

On the land the tomatoes are grown on, strict integrated production regulations, tests and analyses are applied to ensure the process is sustainable. In the areas bordering on them, pollinating species are grown so as to boost the biodiversity of the area.

The principle of sustainability is applied to all the processes the tomatoes undergo, through to the packaging, which is chosen to guarantee the lowest possible environmental impact and maximum food safety.

Also with a view to guaranteeing environmental sustainability, in 2014, Pomì joined the national programme for evaluating environmental impact, with the Carbon Footprint project.

Economic sustainability

To boost the competitiveness and efficiency of Agricultural Businesses, the accent has been placed on innovation and on new technologies, rationalising the use of production factors and providing farmers with the knowledge to produce more effectively and enjoy a certain level of economic wellbeing, also linked to the processing activity of the business.

Social sustainability

Pomì is the first Italian food company to have obtained Social Footprint certification, which assesses the social impact and “human” aspects of a product throughout the production chain: lawfulness, respect for health, relations and workers’ rights. The company also belongs to Global Compact and to the Sedex-SMETA platform for the verification of ethical criteria in the supply chain.

Sustainability for the consumer

Pomì can be traced all the way along the production chain, from selection to shelf.
Consumers can find out everything they need to know about the production chain, including the very field the tomatoes were grown in, using the Pomìtrace app, available for iOs e and Android.

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