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For Pomì, sustainability is a multi-faceted concept, combining different yet indivisible aspects

All about Pomì sustainability

For Pomì, sustainability is a multi-faceted concept, combining different yet indivisible aspects. This is why Pomì has always been active on several fronts, for increasingly sustainable tomato cultivation.

The lowdown on Pomì sustainability

Environmental sustainability

To make tomatoes you must defend them and this translates above all into respect for the soil, which must be productive and healthy at the same time. This is why stringent integrated production procedures are applied at Consorzio del Casalasco plantations, which exclude any substances which are harmful to the environment and are based on latest generation technologies and instruments, to increase biodiversity and protect the ecosystem and its precious resources - like water, for example.

Attention to the environment is by no means limited to the fields, it is palpable in all phases of tomato production and transformation. Mindful of sustainability indexes, Pomì aims to increasingly rationalize production factors, making them more effective and lower impact.

Social sustainability

Health, ethics, safety. All fundamental values at Pomì, safeguarded along the entire supply chain. Social Footprint certification is proof of how Pomì tomato is grounded in respect for workers' health, relations and rights. The quality of a product also depends on just how much those who cultivate and process it are protected. 

Sustainability for the consumer

The Pomì supply chain, is short and transparent: the Pomì traceability system enables consumers to make increasingly aware choices, reconstructing the story of the tomato, from seed to shelf, protecting a healthy, safe and 100% Italian product.

Economic sustainability

Focus on innovation, new technologies and continuous dialog with shareholders to favor the circulation of knowledge and produce in the best possible way: this is the Pomì secret to guaranteeing economic benefits for farmers, by maintaining crop profitability while also ensuring efficiency and competitiveness.

Because a product as unique and simple as Pomì can only be achieved thanks to a plural concept like sustainability.




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