Farmers from Consozio Casalasco del pomodoro and Pomì agronomists work together to guarantee healthy, safe, and genuine tomatoes.

We’re approaching February, the month in which the agronomists’ office carefully selects seeds of the finest varieties, strictly GMO-free, for planting in the greenhouses close to the Pomì factories.

This careful selection is necessary because the goodness of the finished product depends not only on how the tomatoes are processed, but on the choice of the agronomic characteristics and organoleptic qualities specific to each cultivar.

Between April and May, the plants are transferred into the open, in the fields, where Farmers and Pomì Agronomists work together to monitor the development of the plant, from flowering through to harvesting, until the tomatoes are taken for processing, between the end of July and the end of September, when the fields and Pomì factories are a hive of activity.

The farmers know just what’s happening in the fields, and enjoy the support and comprehensive assistance of the Pomì agronomists, also when it comes to sustainability and innovation. As regards innovation and research, Pomì also carries out varietal tests on a number of soil particles, in order to experiment with new cultivars able to further improve product quality and yield.

Each Pomì farmer practises biodiversity on their land, in order to safeguard its distinctive natural characteristics.

This daily effort is carried out with the utmost respect for the land, the farmers and the consumer; it requires dialogue and collaboration, tenacity and enthusiasm, which all form part of a relationship of trust and transparency that stretches beyond the limits of a simple working relationship.

All this is part of Pomì!