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Halloween is loved by all children... but let's face it, even the adults enjoy the party, with its fun, laughter and tasty food.

Halloween awaits you in the kitchen

Halloween is loved by all children... but let's face it, even the adults enjoy the party, with its fun, laughter and tasty food.


Because this annual festivity is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild in the kitchen. The goal? To make the most “monstrous” dishes ever seen.

So if you’ve started thinking about how to decorate the table for the most terrifying day of the year, don’t miss our comprehensive menu: frighteningly delicious and dreadfully creative!

We have a range of scary recipes to share with you and your kids, inspired by the colors and monstrous heroes of the most anticipated party of the year. Are you ready? Be prepared for ghosts, witches, spiders and bats...

Finger food… for real

Who said that on witches night you should only focus on sweet recipes? Canapé appetizers are ideal to kick off a scary dinner. Decorations or starters? You have to taste them to believe them! Here’s the spectacular finger food that’s a must on the buffet table:

  • puff pastry spiders
  • Halloween snakes
  • grave glasses
  • spider pizzas
  • witch fingers
  • potato ghosts
  • coffin sandwich
  • mummy toast

Beware of the table...

When at the table, fear is not only around the corner, it’s on the plate. Start the feast with the Halloween timbale (it’ll make your eyes pop!) followed by a tasty duo that’ll make your guests jump up in excitement: rice pumpkins and Halloween spaghetti.

A hamburger (with teeth) to bite into!

And to round off the feast: monster Halloween burgers, perfect for ending the scariest party of the year with a bang. Simple, tasty and fun to look at, Halloween burgers are very simple to make, perfect as a second course on the Halloween menu, perhaps accompanied by a nice side of fries or roast potatoes! You can even bring the burgers’ individual ingredients to the table and let your guests recreate their very own personal monster burger! Who will win the award for scariest burger?


Have fun creating monstrous recipes in the kitchen with Pomì!




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