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What do people look for on their table? It is difficult to find a universal answer!

Pasta facts and figures: production, consumption and top favorites

What do people look for on their table?

It is difficult to find a universal answer! Certainly practical recipes, healthy food and tasty flavors find everyone or almost everyone in agreement! May this be the reason why dry pasta continues to triumph on the tables across the world?
Tell us what you think while we shoot your way a few numbers…

> In 2016, the Italian production of pasta reached a peak of 3,324,636 tons, for a total of 4,748,000 Euro.

> The Bel Paese exported 1,896,687 tons of pasta, for a value of 2,170,000 Euro.

> Consumption reached 1,427,949 tons of pasta with an average consumption of 23.50 kg per person.
[Source: AIDEPI, Associazione delle industrie del Dolce e della Pasta Italiana, 2016 – aidepi.it]

Queen of the table, unmissable in the diet!

Pasta is a staple food of the Mediterranean Diet, one of the healthiest according to nutrition experts.
It provides energy without overburdening the body, while pleasing the palate.
It is ideal for sport enthusiasts and for everyone in need of energy.

Nutritional profile of a pasta dish - 100 grams:

> 367 kcal – energy 
> 6.8 g fat
> 66 g  carbohydrates – muscle strength
> 9.5 g protein – muscle strength

Naturally, these values change depending on the sauces used. 

If you are looking for flavor and health, try our dressings and sauces recipes!

What pasta drives you crazy?

What is your preferred pasta format? 
Despite the abundance of choice – on the market there are 200 different formats of dry pasta! – ranking above everything else globally we can find spaghetti, penne, rigatoni and fusilli! 
This without taking into account egg pasta whether plain or stuffed.

From Rome down, a person out of three eats 80 grams of pasta every day. In northern Italy, the average is less and among the traditional dry pasta types is whole-wheat pasta, chosen by 47% of the people surveyed by AIDEPI in the recent Doxa survey, which also explains the reasons for dry pasta success.

Crazy for pasta because…

> It combines perfectly with its sauce: 58%
> It is produced with quality wheat: 71%
> ​It does not become sticky and is firm to the bite: 78%

Now that you have the numbers, feel free to enjoy our special recipe: Fettuccine with Parma ham and caramelized onions!




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