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Here are some very simple tips to enrich your cuisine with the season’s colors and scents, without sacrificing authenticity and taste.

Spring dinner

With the arrival of spring, the fields begin to fill with fragrant, brightly colored vegetables. The body requires light and nutritious food... but the eye also wants a piece of the action!

Here are some very simple tips to enrich your cuisine with the season’s colors and scents, without sacrificing authenticity and taste.

How can you make the perfect spring dinner?

Springtime offers an abundance of fresh vegetables packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Radishes, carrots and fennel are great raw and improve nutrient absorption, aiding digestion. Why not put them on the table as a snack to eat before a meal? They will add a touch of colour!

Artichokes and asparagus are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and are also very versatile: they can be eaten both cooked and raw, or they can become the main ingredient in your recipes. Did you know that there are several varieties of asparagus? It can be green, white or purple!

Fresh legumes, especially peas and fava beans, which are high in protein and low in fat, are perfect for soups and salads.

Cooking techniques

A great way to cook vegetables and legumes without losing their nutritional properties is to steam them (then you can also reuse the cooking water to flavor your dishes!), or blanch them for a few minutes before putting them in the pan: this will ensure that they retain all their crunchiness!

To enhance the characteristic colors of the food, we recommend adding a little salt while cooking, and cooling the food immediately afterwards.

Feel like a light and wholesome meal?

Soups are the ideal solution and, if you are tired of hot dishes, you can also enjoy them warm or cold. How can you make them even more colorful? Add some tomato, for example, or only use green ingredients, such as zucchini, peas, spinach and chard.

And let’s not forget fruit!

Spring is the season for strawberries and kiwis, as well as pineapples and grapefruits. So why not make a lovely salad by combining fruit and vegetables in a mix of vibrant colors that brightens up the table?

Whether you are making a side dish or a main course, let your imagination run wild by combining your favorite flavors, add a touch of red with tomatoes or strawberries, and dress it with a drizzle of oil and a squeeze of lemon.

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