Healthy and Sustainable


Last June, Summer Fancy Food unveiled the latest trends in cooking and nutrition.

Summer Fancy Food 2016

From 26th to 28th June, New York became the capital of taste with the “Summer Fancy Food Show” event organized by the Specialty Food Association of which Pomì USA is a member.

The 62nd edition of the world’s most important event dedicated to food&wine recorded excellent numbers again this year: 47,000 visitors, 180,000 products presented by 2,670 exhibitors and 25,000 buyers from 55 countries.

Made in Italy around the world was also represented by Pomì of Consorzio del Casalasco, alongside other outstanding Italian companies for the campaign “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” launched by ICE-Agency which protects and promotes authentic Italian.

The new trends confirm the attention to healthy food, a priority for Pomì, and introduce imaginative products and unusual specialties from different parts of the world. Let's explore the most curious which have captured the attention of The Washington Post ("Beet hummus, yogurt sauce and turmeric in everything: 8 trends from the Fancy Food Show”).

#Turmeric, natural superfood. The beneficial properties of this spice and its delicate taste make it an essential ingredient in numerous cuisines around the world. We find it in tea and chai, Brik packed, made by a company in Milwaukee, inpeanuts from Virginia and even in chocolate made in Chicago.

#Beet hummus. The yellow cream of classic hummus makes room for the fuchsia red of the beet, to cater for Instagrammers and health enthusiasts, because of its minerals, vitamins, folic acid, iron and antioxidants.
An idea which comes from companies of different countries: Georgia, Florida, Québec and Czech Republic.

#HummusDessert. This typical Middle Eastern dish finds a space for itself among the desserts of Massachusetts, in the variations with beans and chocolate, cocoa, spices, orange and ginger. It has a consistency similar to that of pudding and a high fiber-content.

#Whole Grain Smoothies. Another new entry at Fancy Food are the soft wheat Smoothies made in New York and in New Jersey.
A taste: millet and mango, quinoa and mixed red fruits, oats and piña colada.

#Spherical liquids. Sauces and juices in small spherical capsules from Florida.
Futuristic food, but which encloses ancient and 100% natural products like olive oil and balsamic vinegar, to give flavor to other products.

#Yogurt Sauces already enriched with dried fruit, muesli, linseed, mixed berries which represent a new frontier in toppings. The idea hails from Georgia and it adds color to dishes.

#Lupins in all possible flavors! With salt, lime, hot chili peppers, garlic and herbs…
This ancient crop provides nutrition and energy and is sold as a flavorful pocket snack by a company from California.




Healthy and Sustainable

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Healthy and Sustainable

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Healthy and Sustainable

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