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In 2019 the wellness vacation is reconfirmed as a veritable summer trend, for the rediscovery of tranquility through sport, relaxation and meditation

Wellness Vacation

In 2019 the wellness vacation is reconfirmed as a veritable summer trend, for the rediscovery of tranquility through sport, relaxation and meditation.

There are different types of vacation, each characterized by its own experiences and rhythms. Why not opt for a wellness vacation this year? After frantically pursuing thousands of commitments all year round, a wellness getaway is perfect for anyone looking to take some time out to pamper themselves, because you don't need an exclusive spa to find peace of mind.

Simple and genuine experiences, some light sport and the chance to admire breathtaking landscapes: this is the latest expression of the slow living philosophy inspiring wellness vacations. The motto for summer 2019 is: no hurry, no excess, starting from the selection of discrete and silent destinations, perhaps immersed in nature, where it is possible to take all the time you need to regain peace of mind.

Light heart... and luggage

Travel with a light spirit...and suitcase: there's really not that much you'll need if all you're looking to do is relax. Set aside the stress of packing a large and perfectly organized suitcase, bring a few comfortable items for your days spent walking, cycling or horseback riding. Make room for that book which has been sitting on your beside cabinet for some time now. A slow holiday is a chance to catch up on some reading!

New connections

No cell phone, no wi-fi. The key to unwinding on holiday is switching your phone off. Try to reconnect with the world beyond your screen, pay attention to the smallest of details around you: the landscape, the air you can breathe in deeply. A veritable detox treatment!

Ode to boredom

Holidays dedicated to vibrant nightlife, full of cocktails and loud music, are a distant memory. If the aim of a wellness vacation is to regain some serenity, why not start by reconsidering the pleasure of an empty timetable which isn't brimming with engagements. If you are really looking to immerse yourself in peace and silence, Italy is a trove of unique destinations that are uncontaminated by mass tourism: quaint hamlets, veritable jewels scattered across the peninsular, it is no coincidence that the country is a symbol of slow tourism.




Healthy and Sustainable

Freshness, color and taste: the Pomì tomato is the king of the summer

King of the summer table, the tomato – juicy and sweet – is the protagonist of Pomì canned tomatoes, which encapsulate all the aroma, color and taste of the summer.


Healthy and Sustainable

EARTH DAY, every day

Earth Day is approaching! On 22 April, we celebrate saving the planet, but we know that we must work hard every day to protect the environment.


Healthy and Sustainable

The smart way to describe a label

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