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Setting the table in the summer calls for lightness, both in terms of flavour and presentation.

Lightness at the table

Setting the table in the summer calls for lightness, both in terms of flavour and presentation. This is possible with fresh and quick recipes coupled with a simple presentation, inspired by the colours of nature.

At last the time has come to shake off the cold, ease up the pace and enjoy the summer season, by choosing fresh products containing all the energy we need to face the heat.

As of June, at mealtimes the table is characterised by simplicity, both in terms of how it is set and the ingredients of served dishes.

Few but wholesome

Eating healthy, fresh foods that are easy to digest is more important than ever during this season. Summer menus focus on quality rather than quantity. This doesn't mean drastic diets which cut out entire food groups, rather you should opt for seasonal ingredients and slightly reduce portion sizes.

The Mediterranean diet provides unlimited inspiration for the creation of simple, healthy and delicious recipes, with numerous ingredients that can be combined to make practical and quick one-course meals.

Fruit and vegetables are essential whatever the season, but in summer nature gives us its finest products so we should make the most of it. Don't forget whole grain cereals, legumes, white meat and fish, seasoned with olive oil, lemon and spices.

Less is more

In summer, tables should be set in an essential and practical manner. Go for simple napkins, linen or cotton runners and well-selected crockery to avoid overcrowding. The whiteness of ceramics and the transparency of glass offer the perfect nuances for a refined and elegant single-colour table setting. If you really can't do without decorations, choose a pretty candle as your centre piece!

Lighten your thoughts, body and table using presentation: the true summer mantra!




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