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Appetizer, entrée, finger food… delicious little dishes triumph on restaurant tables in Italy and worldwide.

Appetizer, what a passion!

Appetizer, entrée, finger food…

Delicious little dishes triumph on restaurant tables in Italy and worldwide. 

Hot, cold, home-made... appetite comes with eating!
Why are appetizers so much in demand and enjoyed? Maybe because they allow for exploring gastronomic curiosities and sampling many different dishes.

Their origins are very ancient The term is of Latin origin, ante-paestum (before the meal).
Our Roman ancestors, in fact, before their legendary libations, used to serve salads and raw vegetables, fresh and caramelized fruit, and sauces, which followed the first dish, of meat or fish, and the second dish of sweets and fruit. 

Today, the appetizer represents the casual lifestyle, a time for sharing and fun in different parts of the world.
Everywhere the rule less is more applies.  To prepare a great appetizer in fact few ingredients are needed. 
Let's see those suggested by Healthy Food Guide.

Playing with simplicity

Try using a few tasty ingredients with a complementary flavor:

> the risotto of the previous day, breaded and fried
good whole wheat bread with high-quality pâté 
cold roast slices with a few drops of lemon juice
pita or chapati with goat cheese and tasty olives 
white beans cooked with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and pepper
seasonal vegetables in large quantities, for salads, dips or skewers
home-made hummus - garlic free, only with chickpeas, lemon and extra virgin olive oil, to suit all tastes

We recommend our deliciously tasty Crostini with tomato and anchovy cream, ready in a few minutes with our video recipe!

And to drink?  A delicious Bloody Mary!!!
To fill up with vitamins and mineral salts!




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