Abdominal bloating is a widespread symptom, especially among women. It is often accompanied by air in the tummy, pain and constipation.

The most common causes include difficulty in digesting certain foods, food intolerances and irritable bowel syndrome.
One way to prevent it is changing our diet, but giving up our favorite foods and habits is never easy.  

A survey by “Healthy Food Guide” (“What's causing that bloated feeling?”)  has shown that 80% of women who suffer from these symptoms don’t know exactly how to solve them. 

The most commonly used strategies include changing the diet, drinking more water, reducing the intake of bread, gluten and wheat containing foods.

Only one third of the sample tried with fiber.
Strange, considering that it is a well known fact that it is essential to the health of our body, especially the intestine.

The recommended daily fiber intake to stay healthy and prevent the most serious problems is:

> 25/28g for women

> 30/38g for men

To facilitate digestion and awaken the intestine, it is recommended to increase the daily consumption of fiber-rich foods and try to vary the quality of foods as much as possible:

whole grain cereals, especially oats

legumes: garbanzo beans, fava beans, green beans, lentils, barley

nuts: almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts

fresh fruit: bananas, figs, apples, kiwis, pears, tomatoes, etc.

vegetables: beet, artichokes, carrots, cabbage, chicory, fennel, mushrooms, eggplants

Remember, apart from being tastier and more fragrant, fresh seasonal food provides a higher quantity of nutrients.

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