How to

Drink a lot of water! At least one liter and a half of non-sparkling water!
It will help you expel excess toxins and keep the body hydrated.

Two snacks a day to keep the metabolism revving!
Turn off your hunger by eating yogurt, fresh or dried fruit, and rye bread and honey. An active metabolism helps to burn fats, keeps hunger at bay and prevents overeating at the next meal.

Eat slowly: your digestion starts in the mouth!
Even this helps your metabolism, facilitates bowel movement and avoids overloading the GI tract.

No-no foods!

“Avoid them like the plague”:

• Alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks and beer
• Fried food: anything fried tastes great, but it is heavy and difficult to digest
• Dairy products: they can bloat the stomach
• Pulses: may cause gas/bloating
• Yeast-based products: bread, pasta, cookies may ferment in the stomach

Yes foods

• Pineapples and bananas: support digestion
• Cabbage and carrots: stimulate metabolism
• Cucumber: it is a natural diuretic and detoxifying food
• Tomato: it helps burn fats
• Green tea and infusions; recommended are ginger, fennel and anise