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Do you dream of a flat belly? Just a few, simple tricks and good nutritional habits will get you a toned and flat belly!

How to get a flat belly!

Do you dream of a flat belly?

Just a few, simple tricks and good nutritional habits will get you a toned and flat belly!
If you are looking for a last-minute remedy, this article is just the job! Obviously, you will achieve the best results if you stick to this good routine, for a week or a month, depending on your case.

The flatten-your-belly-menu

Wake up early in the morning!
Drink a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeeze, then get the body going with a 30  minute brisk walk. 
After a regenerating shower you will be ready to sit down at table!

At breakfast, eat light and nutritious food and do so slowly! 
A fat-free yogurt with whole-meal rolled oats and sliced fresh fruit will ensure the essential nourishing for the whole morning.

At lunch try quinoa!
It is a very nutritious, gluten-free grain suitable for many delicious recipes, such as our Quinoa and vegetable Burger
It is filling, easily digestible, rich in fiber, minerals, protein and vitamins.

At dinner eat light food.
Fresh goat ricotta and sprout salad or steamed low-fat fish, cooked vegetables or raw vegetables dipped in salt and pepper (pinzimonio).

Enjoy a cup of good green tea instead of giving in to temptations!
It has a draining and slimming effect, helps eliminate excess liquid from the tissues and it is an excellent antioxidant.

Prepare a fresh ginger infusion to sip during the day.
Ginger is excellent for losing weight since it raises body temperature and accelerates metabolism.
It helps to digest carbohydrates and proteins, expel gas and burn fat.

And now a little effort!
To get a flat belly in one day, you will have to avoid sitting all day.
So, walk or ride a bicycle and go exercise in the gym.




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