With summer fast approaching, many suggestions for a detox diet to purify the body are made, to strengthen our immune defenses in view of a change of season and especially to regain a healthy weight.
Before deciding on any diet, however, it is important to keep in mind a few facts regarding one's physique, and plan for reasonable and, most of all, gradual objectives so that the diet may bring long-lasting benefits.

Among the many detox diets, we decided to focus on those that require fasting to eliminate toxins.
The first comment to make is that our body already has the perfect mechanisms to do this: it filters and expels toxins thanks to the kidneys, intestine, liver and lungs. The second comment is that drastic diets that promise rapid weight loss can harm our health.

But what may the consequences of these very restrictive diets be?

#weakness and fatigue
The body is similar to a machine: in order for it to "function" well, it needs "fuel".
If it is not fed, one can end up suffering from fatigue and lethargy, and according to the Nutritionists of Healthy Food Guide also from headaches and a lazy intestine.

#loss of strength and efficiency
The muscles and brain need glucose in order to function efficiently, so one should eliminate carbohydrates, but  instead get to know them to eat the right quantity-quality, and maintain our energy reserve.

#yo yo effect
A diet often brings with it a sense of frustration, directly proportional to the level of sacrifice that it involves.
After a restrictive diet, it is particularly easy to regain all of the weight lost, and sometimes even put on more.

For the health of the body and soul, it is better to review one's habits, gradually let go of those that are bad and adopt healthier eating patterns to help improve one's health, figure, and self-esteem.

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