When you are away from home, it is more difficult to stick to healthy eating habits.
Especially on vacation, it's easy to fall prey to food traps. Let's see the classic ones!

Grocery shopping, selecting the ingredients and cooking fresh food is an excellent habit, that guarantees healthy and tasty food.
Our routines, in a certain way, protect us from endless traps, in which however it is easy to fall when we are on vacation or away from home for work.

Finding healthy foods on your plate, an abundance of vegetables, pasta or bread to which we are accustomed - gluten free, whole wheat, etc. - in some places this can really get complicated…
If your eating habits require "special" foods, it can be convenient to bring them with you also on the trip, together with an "emergency" snack, and look for fresh fruit as soon as the possibility presents itself.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, generally offers a great variety of choice and many fresh and genuine foods.
At lunch and dinner, instead, there are some small traps, insidious for one's shape and well-being.

Avoid restaurants near the main tourist attractions.
The bill may be bigger than the plate, and these restaurants are always full, overcrowded, and would in any case be just as busy even without restaurateurs working too hard.

Do not be fooled by tourist menus, since often seduction remains on paper and it is not necessarily the case that the same care will be given to a regulars as to "touch and go" customers.

Distrust menus of biblical proportions.
It's difficult to offer more than 100 dishes made from fresh ingredients, although the option to choose from an infinite tome can attract and above all satisfy the tastes of the whole family or a group of friends!

Be wary of buffets offered in many hotels, cafés and restaurants.
Such abundance could make us give in to the temptation and overdo the amount, but above all it may encourage you to mix foods that together can hinder digestion.

A quick review of balanced nutrition before you pack your bags can't do anything but help you ;)