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Save the date in São Paulo do Brasil for the 2017 edition of World Pasta Day! La prossima celebrazione si terrà nella terra della samba, della bossa nova e della capoeira.

World Pasta Day is back!

Save the date in São Paulo do Brasil for the 2017 edition of World Pasta Day!

The upcoming celebration will take place in the land of the samba, bossa nova and capoeira, a long way from where the first edition that took place in Naples ... 19 years ago! The event will be attended by the main companies in the sector and by industry experts, representatives of the international press and opinion makers.

Among the announced VIP guests there’s Kantha Shelke, researcher expert on food and nutrition, founder of Corvus Blue in Chicago, Mauro Fisberg, physician and researcher expert in nutrition, a member of the Kellogg Foundation and Associate Professor at the University of Sao Paulo.

After an intense round of nutritional, cultural and economic workshops discussing all aspects of pasta, the guests will be delighted by the menu designed by chef Rodrigo Oliveira, the multi-award owner of the renowned Esquina Mocotó restaurant.
The wine selection will be under the care of sommelier Silvia Mascella Rosa, a journalist expert in Brazilian wines, bartender and author of the book "Cartilha Vinhos do Brasil" for IBRAVIN (Instituto Brasileiro do Vinho). 

The event has  always celebrated pasta as a global food, a popular specialty spread across all tables in the world, both because of its cultural and great nutritional values and versatility in cuisine.
The proceeds of this edition will be donated to Gastromotiva, an NGO that provides training in Brazil and in several Latin American countries, using food as a vehicle for growth and transformation.


The 2017 Edition of World Pasta Day will take place on October 25 at the Federação das Indústrias de São Paulo State, Av. Paulista, 1313 in São Paulo. 

For more information: abimapi.com.br





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