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Getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables is not just a family matter.

Getting the kids to eat fruits and vegetables

6 proven ways to make fruits and vegetables enticing

Getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables is not just a family matter.
In fact, even scientists and researchers have weighed in on this topic, offering interesting, scientifically tested ideas to get children and pre-teens to gladly eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

#give veggies "cool” names: such as "intergalactic green beans", “super power spinach", "tomato vitamin torpedo."
Experiments conducted at some American schools achieved a 50% increase in fruit and vegetable consumption by applying this simple strategy.

#colorful, fanciful dishes: when composing dishes for children, use several varieties of fruits and vegetables and let your imagination run free. Make sure the final effect is vivid, colorful and fun.
The arrangement is important: experts recommend placing the food not in the middle of the plate but closer to the edge so it is easier to "grasp."

#cut fruits and vegetables up into small pieces, perhaps composing objects or smiley faces. Be sure to avoid monochromatic effects.
This makes eating more enticing and easier as well: the children will taste the fruit even when they don’t want to eat, for example when a tooth is "dangling."

#apply colored stickers depicting fruits and vegetables on serving and storage bowls or containers.
This creates positive associations in the child's mind, establishing a more favorable attitude toward the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

#make mealtimes fun, a sort of ritual: play together just before sitting down at the table and after the meal.
This will create a happy, natural experience and the child will be in no hurry to return to whatever activity had been interrupted. 

#associate the child's favorite food with a seasonal fruit or vegetable he/she doesn’t like, maybe always serving it first.
This association might help the child overcome his/her hesitation and taste it. The child might just find that fruits and vegetables are really good.




Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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