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Famous and loved all over the world, pizza has an infinite number of variations, but one single origin.

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Famous and loved all over the world, pizza has an infinite number of variations, but one single origin.
It is said the first pizza was made in Naples in the year 1600, but only in 1889 was the modern recipe born, according to our potted history of pizza!

Its trademark is "Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli" - protected by the petition #PizzaUnesco - but pizza is a global specialty!
To the extent that in the list of the best pizza restaurants in the world, Italian cities fight it out with many foreign ones.

The top 10 pizza restaurants according to Condè Nast Travell

Ranking first is Chicago with Pizano's, 70 years of pizza making and a more rustic style than the famous Spacca Napoli.
New York Roberta's and Prince Street are tied for second place. Rome is third with Pizzarium.
For the fourth place it's all the way over to Orlando, Florida with Via Napoli and Prato.

And if Naples ranks fifth (Neapolitans should not take offense!) it is worth noting that it is from Naples that most of the others have drawn inspiration, and, obviously this is according to Condè Nast Travell! 

At sixth place, New Haven in Connecticut, with Pepe's Pizzeria and Sally's Apizza.

In Venice, contending for seventh position is Grigoris (in Mestre) and Tre Leoni.
The eighth conquest, Edmonton, Canada, with Tony's Pizza Palace, Packrat Louie, and Rose Bowl.
Florence is in ninth place with Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo and Yellow Bar. Finally, Palermo home of the "sfincione", with Perciasacchi and Tondo.

And the best pizzaiolo in the world? He is Japanese!
At the last International Championship for Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli "Trofeo Caputo" (Nola), Akinari Makishima has in fact triumphed (he does homage to Neapolitan culture by adding "Pasquale" to his name), after a two-day contest involving over 150 pizzaioli.

And now, a great classic, "Pizza and movies"!

Pizza in Italian is also the box that holds the roll of film, and mentioning movies, it must be said it is the perfect combination!
Pizza can be eaten in front of the screen, before or after the movies, other times it is the pizza itself to appear in movies!
The famous taste in "Mystic Pizza", a 1988 comedy by Donald Petrie, where pizza is "Portuguese style".
A four-star pizza that, thanks to the review of a food critic will make an unpretentious Connecticut pizza restaurant famous.

Along with Matt Damon, Vincent D'Onofrio, Annabeth Gish and Lili Taylor, its cast includes a very young Julia Roberts, who is also the protagonist of another movie where Italian food takes center stage, “Eat, Pray, Love" by Ryan Murphy (2010) inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's book (“Eat, pray, love. A woman in search for happiness", Rizzoli.)

In the movie, a scene that will make you drool, when Roberts tastes her first real Margherita in one of the world's most famous pizza restaurants, “da Michele” in the Forcella district of Naples, but also when she tastes with gusto another typical Italian product, so much to make us imagine she feels like us an unconditional love for spaghetti.

Serving pizza on screen we also find a movie icon, Sophia Loren in "The Gold of Naples" by Vittorio De Sica (1954).
More than the pizza it seems to be Loren's beauty to attract clients (and the husband's jealousy).

Even animation movies celebrate pizza's history in "Totò Sapore e la magica storia della pizza” (2003) by Lanterna Magica studio directed by Maurizio Forestieri where, in the Naples of 1758, a storyteller praises food and its power to brighten spirits.
Pizza can do this and so much more! With his invention, Totò Sapore will calm the spirits and even stop a war...

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