Available for free in English and Italian for iOS and Android.

Available for free in English and Italian for iOS and Android.

New York, June 18th 2016 - Pomì is proud to introduce the new version of the Pomì Taste app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Presented during CIBUS 2016 in Parma, Italy, the application is the newest addition to the new digital strategy of the company.
This new fun and useful tool is made up of four main sections - Recipes, Products, Traceability and Shopping list – all downloadable to any of your mobile devices. Users are able to select their top choice recipe from a group of 30 initial recipes, that include healthy, gluten- free and vegan options.

Recipes are easily searchable both by ingredients or type of meal, from snacks to gourmet dining.
New ideas will be added to this initial list, to inspire Pomì’s fan culinary creativity.
Product information is available in the Pomì Products section of the application and on our website www.pomi.us.com.

Pomì Taste also features the capabilities of Pomì Trace.
By entering the lot number and hour of production found on the pack, this tracing system allows consumers to follow Pomì’s production process all the way back to the farm that grew the tomatoes in their box.

To help users prepare their meals, Shopping List is a simple way not only to remember what ingredients are needed for any of our recipes, but also to find what recipes are possible with the ingredients you have on hand. A scroll through the app will satisfy cravings, providing useful information on Pomì products and showcase the extraordinary and versatile quality of 100% Italian tomato.

We wanted to be available 24/7 for our consumers and fans. With Pomì Taste we are literally at your fingertips!” says Costantino Vaia, President and CEO of Pomì USA. “The new application is our way to reiterate our strong commitment to the best quality of our products, to make it easy on consumers to follow us and learn more about Pomì, our story and our culture”. Pomì will be happy to meet consumers and partners at both the FMI in Chicago (booth # 3505) and Summer Fancy Food in New York City (booth # 3033).

All Pomì products are 100% Italian, BPA-free, kosher, non-GMO, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no citric acid, no water added.


Pomì was established in the North of Italy in 1984. 
The same year it made its way to tables in the United States, bringing the unique flavors the Italian sun gives to its crops.

Pomì sparked a revolution, being the first 100% Italian tomatoes to be available in carton packages.
Over thirty years later, Pomì is a staple and a trusted brand for American seeking premium Italian quality tomatoes.

Pomì comes in conveniently sealed BPA-free, recyclable boxes that are easy to store.
Pomì is conveniently ready to use for preparing all the recipes that require the fresh taste of premium-quality Italian tomatoes. 

All Pomì products are:

100% Italian tomatoes100% BPA free

100% GMO free

100% Natural and fresh tasting

100% Convenient and ready to use

No preservatives

No artificial flavorsNo water added