Pomì unveils new TV commercials

Pomì. “Perfection is simple!”

Pomì, the premium Italian tomato brand owned by the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro is proud to present the new communication campaign starting this fall.  

“The new approach highlights our dedication to quality and food safety, pivotal aspects of our everyday activities here at Pomì USA”, says Costantino Vaia, President of Pomì USA and managing director of Casalasco.
“Kids say Pomì as a reaction to a fresh tomato. It’s the surprising direct association between the freshness of our tomatoes and our Pomì products. We make the best tomatoes even easier to use”.  

Pomì places great emphasis on the themes of sustainability and application of the best agricultural practices, offering non-GMO products packed in BPA-free boxes. Most products are kosher and gluten-free certified and feature only one ingredient: tomatoes.  

The aim of the new campaign is to keep younger consumers and families intrigued and engaged about the qualities of Pomì’s products and importance of eating healthy and natural food.
Children’s honesty and knowledge are the perfect way to express these key messages.  

In recent years, Pomì has been expanding its presence in the US market.
Introducing the new Organic Strained and Organic Chopped tomatoes earlier this year was only the first of a series of steps the company is undertaking to meet the fast-growing demand of safe, high quality Italian products.