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Now you can “Pomì” all your recipes
with these 3 premium-quality products
in the food service size. (22 lbs.)

They have many unique benefits:

100% Italian garden-ripe tomatoes
100% natural and fresh tasting
100% convenient and ready to use
100% Smart, resealable box, easy
    to open, super-easy to dispose
100% BPA free
100% GMO-free tomatoes

tomato bullet No preservatives
tomato bullet No artificial flavors
tomato bullet No water added

Only Italian Tomatoes processed
near the fields immediately
after harvesting.


Pomì Food Service size is unique. This type of packaging is commonly used
in other product categories, its name is: The Bag In The Box.

What is the Bag in the Box?
bag in a box It’s a cardboard container that holds a polyester and polyethylene bag inside; the bag has a convenient screw top.

The lining of some cans may contain BPA. Not the Bag in the Box!

The Advantages:
No cans to open. It’s safe, no risk of cutting yourself.

Easy to open and easy to close
capThe Bag in the Box, unlike cans, has a spout with a screw top to open and close easily. When the cap is tightly closed it doesn’t leak or spill.

If you do not use all the contents at once, you can refrigerate it for up to 2 days to preserve its fresh taste of garden-ripe Italian tomatoes.
Easy to use and very convenient
Pomì special packaging will allow you to easily pour as much of the contents as you need, without spilling or splashing.

All Pomì products are ready to use, there is no peeling, sieving, cutting or chpizzaopping the tomatoes. The premium-quality products are ready to cook with. Just add your personal touch, and all your recipes will receive rave reviews!

Easy to Dispose
Unlike cans, The Bag in the Box is not cumbersome; you can fold it and dispose of it easily in less space than can require. Because you can close it with the screw top, it is more hygienic to dispose of, no odors of old fermented products, so it will not attract pests.

Are you ready to Pomì all your recipes with this Premium-quality line of products? Than join this great Tomato Revolution From Italy!

Pomì Food Service Size.
A Great Revolution From The Tomato Revolution.