Just one ingredient: Tomatoes. Just the way they should be.

Just one ingredient: Tomatoes. Just the way they should be.

Our tomato products are made from just that, tomatoes. 100% Italian tomatoes.

Our tomato products are made from just that, tomatoes. 100% Italian tomatoes that come from the fields of Northern Italy. No Salt, No Fat, No Gluten, No Cholesterol, No GMOs and Lectin-Free*. No Artificial Preservatives or BPA. Just the essential vitamins A, D, C and Iron.

Our tomatoes

Tomatoes are not only a delicious food that are part of so many of our favourite meals. They are also one of the most undervalued superfoods around. Time and time again studies have shown that nutrients contained in tomatoes are hugely beneficial for heart health. Pomì tomato products are Salt-Free, made only with juicy 100% Italian tomatoes. Enjoy the fresh, smooth, rich flavor of Pomì tomatoes you love without the extra sodium.

More than 70% of the sodium we consume comes from packaged, prepared and restaurant foods. The rest of the sodium in the diet occurs naturally in food (about 15 percent) or is added when we’re cooking food or sitting down to eat (about 11 percent). So even if you never use the salt shaker, you’re probably getting too much sodium. Because most of the sodium you eat is in your food before you buy it, it can be hard to limit how much you’re getting. We believe you deserve to choose how much sodium you eat. So we do not add salt to our Pomì products.


Studies have shown that tomatoes are a major source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits including heart health, improved vision, boosting the digestive system, just to name a few.


The list of vitamins and minerals in tomatoes is a long one. They provide our bodies with vitamins A, K, B1,B3, B5, B6, B7 and a huge dose of vitamin C. In addition, important minerals, such as folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, chromium, choline, zinc and phosphorous, are found in tomatoes.


Most flavor enhancers are made of salt, but Pomì tomatoes are naturally flavorful and all delicious without the addition of sodium or other salt additives.

What is the benefit of added salt? NONE.

Salt doesn't always play nice with tomatoes. Salt can break down the tomato's cell wall and leave you with a watery, mushy mess on the plate.

That's why Pomì tomato products have no Salt added! Tomatoes are a staple of the Mediterranean diet, a low-salt lifestyle which promotes the intake of fruits and vegetables. All of our products besides Passata that has just a hint of salt for flavor enhancement are salt-free.

Real Food, Fake food

Larry Olmsted, New York Times bestselling author of Real Food, Fake Food says "I buy Pomì, a widely available brand from Italy that many Italians chefs use. It contains nothing but 100% Italian tomatoes, actually picked after ripening. This makes it taste better. Pomì is also USDA Organic certified, has no preservatives or artificial flavors, or anything added at all, if you care, it is also free of bisphenol A and GMOs".

Why lectin-free?

If you're up on latest diet trends, the Plant Paradox diet has surely entered your radar. The diet calls for avoiding lectins by cutting out a long list of foods, including nightshades (think: eggplants, tomatoes, red peppers), out-of-season fruits, grains, and raw legumes, to reportedly reduce inflammation, repair gut health, and prevent weight gain. Steven Gundry, MD, says if you want to heal autoimmune disease, IBS, arthritis, migraines, and brain fog, then you need to "stay away" from Lectins. Tomato seeds and skins contain lectins, and the Pomì brand Strained Tomatoes is the only brand that has the lectin-laced parts of the tomato strained out. *Pomì Strained and tomato Sauce is lectin-free.

Every Pomi product is made of 100% italian tomatoes, giving you the best taste and nutrition

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