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Pomì is not just a brand. Pomì contains the stories of people, families and producers who strive for the highest quality tomato sauces, purees and passata.

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Italian Farm-Fresh Tomatoes Since 1982

Our commitment to excellence starts with our tomatoes—100% Italian, farm-fresh, and nurtured by the hands of dedicated farmers. These are the growers who pour their positivity, authenticity, and fervent passion into every tomato. Because when it comes to quality, we believe in sticking with the original recipe for success—farmer-owned and operated with love.

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Con Pomì puoi tracciare il prodotto dallo scaffale al campo in cui è stato coltivato! Pomì ha creato e implementato un sistema con cui il consumatore è in grado di tracciare l’azienda agricola e l’area di coltivazione del pomodoro fresco contenuto in ogni singolo pack.

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Nourish Your Heart with Pomi's Unsalted Strained and Chopped Tomatoes

Embark on the path to a heart-healthy lifestyle with Pomi—your first step towards a nutritious and balanced diet. Our unsalted strained and chopped tomatoes offer the purity of 100% Italian tomatoes with no added salt, making them the perfect heart-friendly choice for your culinary creations. Every Pomi tomato is picked for its naturally robust flavor and is versatile enough to enhance a wide array of dishes, from the simplest snacks to the most complex entrees.
Rooted in tradition since 1982, Pomi is proud to be farmer-owned since 1984, committed to sustainable farming practices that respect both your health and the environment. With tomatoes sourced from over 560 eco-friendly farms, we deliver a product that's not just good for you, but also kind to the Earth.
Invite the authentic taste of Italy into your home, and take care of your heart with every meal. Pomi's unsalted tomato products are crafted for those who cherish both flavor and well-being. Experience the unique, full-bodied taste of our Strained, Chopped, and other tomato products like Passata. Join the Pomi family today and celebrate a world of health and sustainability.

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