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Corcos Recipes

Beef stew over polenta

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Gratin brown penna "Alla Siciliana" with goat ricotta cheese

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17,64 oz

Pomì Tomato Sauce

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Healthy Cooking

When a tomato is worthy of an Oscar

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Pomì tomatoes are 100% GMO-free. Following a selection of strictly GMO-free seeds, they are grown exclusively in Italian soil by the members of the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro. The crops extend over 17,300 acres of land lying between Parma, Piacenza, Cremona and Mantua, in Northern Italy, and involve 370 member farms that produce over 550,000 tons of processed fresh tomatoes.

BPA Free

The Pomì USA range has always been entirely packaged in carton packages free of bisphenol A, a chemical substance contained in many plastic food containers and in tinplate. Pomì follows strict guidelines throughout the supply chain, from cultivation in the field to the packaging of the final product, and it also carefully selects the materials used for packaging to guarantee 100% BPA-free packs.

No preservatives

Pomì production rules out the use of preservatives. The products are made by processing extremely fresh 100% Italian tomatoes, grown at an average distance of 30 miles from the processing and packaging plant, no later than 24 hours after their arrival. Neither preservatives nor coloring agents are added to the tomatoes so that all the freshness of a genuine product is brought to the table.

No citric acid

Pomì tomatoes are picked at the right degree of ripeness, when the product releases all of its fragrance and offers the best organoleptic and nutritional properties. The tomatoes are processed when they are still extremely fresh, and all processing and packaging steps are completed within just a few hours so they reach an optimum flavor, without having to add citric acid. The path followed from the field to the table is short in order to offer genuineness and freshness.

No water added

The search for quality is an absolute principle not to be set aside for Pomì, in terms of both wholesomeness and flavor, and low environmental impact throughout the supply chain. This is why water is never added to Pomì products, so that their fragrance, freshness, consistency and full flavor of a freshly picked tomato remain intact, with no water added.

No artificial flavor

Respect for the biodiversity of Italian tomatoes and a responsible approach to the health of consumers requires that Pomì follow strict specifications that do not include added preservatives, coloring agents or flavorings.

Today recipes

Scarola lettuce, Anchovies, Taggiasche Olives and Tomatoes

  • time: 25
  • difficulty: Easy

Tofu and Asparagus Sautée

  • time: 25
  • difficulty: Easy

Chicken nuggets with bell pepper sauce

  • time: 30
  • difficulty: Easy

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