Pomì Strained Tomatoes (26,46 oz)

This is the traditional “Italian Passata di Pomodori” made from fresh tomatoes without seeds or skins. Pomì Strained is a thick, smooth tomato sauce ready to use. It makes possible the preparation of delicious recipes with the natural, fresh taste of ripe Italian tomatoes… in just minutes. That’s tomato passata in the best Italian tradition!

Pomì has many unique benefits:

100% garden-ripe Italian tomatoes
processed near the fields
immediately after harvesting
100% Natural and fresh tasting
100% Convenient and ready to use

check  100% BPA free
check  100% GMO free
check  No preservatives
check  No artificial flavors
check  No water added
check  Pomì is conveniently ready to use for preparing all the recipes that require the fresh taste of premium-quality Italian tomatoes.