Fresh from the Field!
Pomì's Sun-Kissed Tomatoes

From the farm straight to our facility, we lovingly tend to every tomato. With everything happening within a stone's throw of 50 km, we bring you tomatoes that burst with freshness and true, just-picked flavor — delivering the heart of Italian sunshine right to your table!

The Pomì way of life

Behind every harvested tomato lies a story. A whole world of habits, attention to detail and small everyday rituals that are part of our farmers’ lives. It’s not just tomato, it's a way of life. Find out why our tomatoes are so good!

It's all about the supply chain

From the field to factory, every step is carefully followed by the experienced hands of our farmers. The very short supply chain enables us to always provide the freshest and most genuine tomato, almost as if it were homemade.

Farm is Fun!

and get your
#chef moment?