Pomì means 100% Italian and sustainable tomato

Pomì is part of the Casalasco - Società Agricola S.p.A, the first supply chain in Italy for the farming and processing of tomatoes. There are 800 farming companies distributed between 11,000 hectares in the heart of the Po Valley.

Pomì is synonymous with Italian quality, controlled supply chain, traceability, and sustainability.

800 farms

Associated with production that work hard to grow and select the best Italian tomatoes.

12,000 Hectares

of Tomato cultivation

850+ Tons

of fresh tomatoes processed every year.

Our tomatoes are harvested near the processing plant to guarantee the freshest quality!

An ongoing

Pomì represents the unwavering commitment of an entire community to provide consumers with a high-quality, wholesome, healthy and sustainable product that has spanned generations of tomato lovers. The tomatoes are gently picked and packed within hours to retain all the natural flavor.

and identity

Pomì maintains strong ties to its history and identity but at the same time is evolving and innovating to maintain the unique image that has always made it stand out on shelves. Pomi is a product of the highest quality, naturally healthy, and rich in history and tradition.

Our commitment:
preserving the environment

Pomì preserves the area in which it operates through innovative projects that aim to reduce environmental impact by encouraging more efficient use of resources and cultivation techniques while promoting initiatives that protect the environment and foster biodiversity.

Italian Quality

Pomì tomatoes are grown from selected seeds cultivated by Casalasco - Società Agricola S.p.A on over 12,000 hectares between Cremona, Parma, Mantua and Piacenza, in Northern Italy. Fields are located at an average distance of 50 km from processing establishments to guarantee the freshest quality.


Pomì cares about its social responsibility. Pomì reduces the environmental impact of farming by carefully managing the irrigation and adopts integrated defense regulations to respect biodiversity.

Pomì ensures that each consumer can trace the product from the store shelf to the field!

Pomì is synonymous to:

  • Controlled supply chain
  • Traceability of the tomatoes
  • Production process sustainability
  • Processing sustainability

Thanks to Pomìtrace, a modern and unique traceability system, Pomì ensures that each consumer can trace the product from the store shelf to the field where the tomatoes were grown.

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Pomodoro Italiano

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