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Canned tomatoes are pantry all-stars. Here’s how to choose and use them.

Unlike most canned fruits and vegetables (think spinach), a quality canned tomato isn’t some poor imitation of the fresh version. The challenge is that unlike a fresh one that you can see, smell, even squeeze, a canned tomato is … in a can. So, how do you know which ones to buy? So many brands, so many forms: whole peeled, with or without basil, garlic, chiles. Diced. Petite diced. Crushed, pureed, stewed — even fire-roasted.

Yvonne Duivenvoorden

Clean Eating

Eggplant & Sausage Linguine

The eggplant is native to southern India, called "aubergine" in France and found most commonly in its plump purple Italian form (or in its slender Japanese form, a good substitute), which we've used here to create a hearty and super-chunky tomato sauce.



Best Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Why buy jarred Sauce when you can make your own spaghetti sauce at home using simple ingredients?

Dana @ Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker

Easy Penne Arrabbiata

Imagine this: rich, bright tomato sauce infused with buttery olive oil, fresh garlic, and tons of crushed red pepper flakes.

Pork Ribs Glazed in Their Own Juices (photo by Ed Anderson)

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Fuel Your Hot Grill Summer With These Recipes

These ribs double down on porky goodness because they get the bonus treatment of using their own juices in the basting sauce.” — Chef Stuart Brioza Pork Ribs Glazed in Their Own Juices CHEF STUART BRIOZAState Bird Provisions, San Francisco Ingredients 2 equal-size racks pork spareribs