Sorrentina-style Gnocchi


Sorrentina-style Gnocchi


Sorrentina-style Gnocchi

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 20 min


  • Ingredients
    • Basel q.b.
    • Black Pepper q.b.
    • Gnocchetti potato dumplings 11 oz.
    • Grana Padano Cheese 3.5 oz
    • Mozzarella 14 oz.
    • Oil q.b.
    • onion 1
    • Oregano q.b.
    • Salt q.b.

For this recipe we used:

Strained Tomatoes
4 cups


First, prepare the tomato sauce, sautéeing the onion and adding Pomì Organic Tomato Sauce, let it cook for 10 minutes.
Add salt and pepper and let cool slightly. Meanwhile, cook the gnocchi in boiling water with salt, once they start to pop up, drain and sautée the gnocchi in the tomato sauce.

Add the mozzarella previously diced and place the gnocchi in a baking pan, sprinkling Parmesan on top.
Put the pan in the oven at 360° F for a few minutes, until the top is evenly crispy and golden.
Remove from the oven and serve the gnocchi very hot, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a basil leaf on top.