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Starting from today Pomì “Social Footprint” is available for all the range of products


The Social Footprint is now available for all Pomì products.

Pomì is the premium Italian tomato brand owned by the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro, the largest Italian tomato cooperative and well-known for being a leader in sustainability and transparency.

This year Pomì has gained a new important certification: The Social Footprint – Product Social Identity (SFP). The Company is the first in the Italian food sector to obtain the certification.

The SFP is a social map of every Pomì product based on an auditing scheme developed and implemented by a third-party certification body. In Pomì’s case, it was Bureau Veritas who awarded Pomì products with a AAA level, the highest possible. The results are based on a set of strict indicators that are analyzed to map and calculate the company’s social footprint including, among others, the selection and traceability of the fresh products and all ingredients, the management of the supply-chain and the continuous enhancement of labor policies, i.e. working conditions, continuous education and gender equality of the working force.

The information is made available to consumers in order for them to feel comfortable buying responsibly. The data is published under the SFP labels for every product on the consortium’s online platforms www.pomionline.it and www.ccdp.it.

The Social Footprint certification is a further step towards the constant commitment of Pomì to sustainable agriculture, a daily and concrete responsibility of the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro.

The new certification expands the set of information already available thanks to Pomì Trace. The system allows consumers to trace Pomì’s production process back to the farm that grew the tomatoes in the box by simply visiting www.pomi.us.com and entering the lot number and hour of production found on the pack.  

All Pomì products are
100% Italian, BPA-free, kosher, non-GMO, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no citric acid, no water added.

Pomì was established in the North of Italy in 1984. The same year it made its way to tables in the United States, bringing the unique flavors the Italian sun gives to its crops.

Pomì sparked a revolution, being the first 100% Italian tomatoes to be available in carton packages. Over thirty years later, Pomì is a staple and a trusted brand for American seeking premium Italian quality tomatoes.

Pomì comes in conveniently sealed BPA-free, recyclable boxes that are easy to store.

Pomì is conveniently ready to use for preparing all the recipes that require the fresh taste of premium-quality Italian tomatoes.

All Pomì products are
100% Italian tomatoes                                             
100% BPA free                                                      
100% GMO free                                                      
100% Natural and fresh tasting            
100% Convenient and ready to use
No preservatives
No artificial flavors
No water added




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Pomì Getting the Star Treatment at International Chefs Congress

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News and Events

Pomì going out of the box with new products

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