105 min Medium

Recommended product

Recommended product

Tomato Sauce 17.64oz

3 tablespoons

Pomì Tomato Sauce has countless uses. It is obtained only from Italian tomatoes and it is easy and fast because it is ready to use. It is perfect to prepare any type of dish: meat, eggs, pasta, creams and creamy soups.

105 min
Preparation time
Ingredients for 4 people
Tomato Sauce 17.64oz3 tablespoons
Bay leavesto taste
Beef stew in rather large cubes2.2 lbs.
Extra-virgin olive oilto taste
Flourto taste
Garlicto taste
Marjoramto taste
Red wine2 glasses
Rosemaryto taste
Saltto taste
Sweet paprikato taste
White onions5

In a non-stick pan, sauté the onion with the oil; as soon as the onion gets golden, add the meat and let everything brown over medium heat.
Then pour the red wine, a tablespoon of flour and sweet paprika, Pomì Tomato Sauce, marjoram, bay leaves, garlic clove and rosemary. Adjust the salt and let bake on low heat for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add water if the meat dries too much during cooking.