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Recommended product

Recommended product

Pomì Tomato Juice is perfect to be enjoyed as is or together with delicious vegetable smoothies. For those who love drinks, Pomì Tomato Juice is a great base for a Bloody Mary, the famous cocktail-aperitif with vodka, lemon, Tabasco and a pinch of black pepper.

15 min
Preparation time
Ingredients for 4 people
Tomato Juice 750ml ½ glass
Cooking cream½ cup
Dry vodka½ glass
Extra-virgin olive oilto taste
Pennette pasta14 oz.
Red onion¼
Smoked salmon7 oz.

Bring water to a boil for the pasta, in a saucepan or pan, slightly brown ¼ red onion in a little olive oil.
Add the smoked salmon coarsely divided in large chunks and let it fry slightly for two minutes.
Add the vodka and let it evaporate, but before it evaporates completely, light the vodka in the pan with a lighter.
Once the flame dies out, add the cooking cream and cook for at least one minute.
Add salt and pepper if required and set aside.
Dress and dish out the pennette, then let the Pomì Tomato Juice stream slowly on top.

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