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Recommended product

Recommended product

Pomì Tomato Sauce has countless uses. It is obtained only from Italian tomatoes and it is easy and fast because it is ready to use. It is perfect to prepare any type of dish: meat, eggs, pasta, creams and creamy soups. Store up to 5 days in the fridge after opening

25 min
Preparation time
Ingredients for 6 people (12 muffins)
Tomato Sauce 17.63oz 7,05 fl. oz.
0 Flour/Whole wheat flour7 oz
Almonds1,7 oz
Bakery yeast or Cream of Tartar0,3 oz
Extra Virgin olive (EVO) Oil1,7 oz
Potato starch1 oz
Salt0,2 oz
Soy cream2/3 cup
Sun-dried tomatoes1 oz
Zucchini10,6 oz

Soak the sun-dried tomatoes in warm water for about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can use semi-dried tomatoes, which usually contain more storage oil. Finely grate almonds and chop the zucchini, then mix them raw in a dish.
Carefully sift the flour, the yeast and the potato starch in a bowl. This is a key step to obtain a softer and more digestable product. Now add the other ingredients: the salt and the mix of zucchini, almonds and  sliced tomatoes (the tomatoes must be previously well drained from water).
Vigourously whisk the ingredients to gain a well-homogeneous dough. Fill greased muffin-molds and bake at 180° for 20 minutes in convection mode. Toothpick-test the muffins for a perfect baking and let them cool while you proceed to cook the sauce.

Make a classic tomato sauce with Pomì tomato sauce. Once cooked, add the soy cream, cook for other 15 minutes and serve with the muffins.

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