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Recommended product

Recommended product

Chopped Tomatoes 14.1oz

2 Cans Pomi Chopped Tomatoes

Pomì chopped tomatoes have a single ingredient: fresh tomatoes ripened under the sun, cut in delicious chunks and packaged on location to bring to the table an inimitable taste. An excellent ingredient to exalt the taste of Pasta Sauces and many simply recipes. Chopped tomatoes are perfect for recipes that call for diced tomatos! Store up to 5days in the fridge after opening​ How is it made? The tomatoes are washed, peeled, chopped and mixed with a lightly concentrated tomato juice. The product is then thermally pasteurized and aseptically filled in our signature carton boxes. The product is exclusively made of Italian tomatoes from our farmers. Chopped tomatoes contain visible seeds and peels.

40 min
Ingredients for 6
Chopped Tomatoes 14.1oz 2 Cans Pomi Chopped Tomatoes
Chili Pepper Flakes1/4 teaspoon
clove Garlic crushed1
cloves Garlic chopped3
Freshly Ground Black Pepper or more to taste1/4 teaspoon
Fresh Parsley chopped1 tablespoon
Fresh Thyme chopped1 teaspoon
Mussels scrubbed2 pounds
Olive oil2 tbsp
Onion medium size, chopped1/2 tbsp
Onion medium size or medium shallot, chopped1/4
pasta1 pound
Pomi Chopped Tomatoes2 cans
Salt or more to taste1 teaspoon
Sugar1 teaspoon
White Wine1/2 cup


Preparing the Mussels:

  • Before you start cooking your dish I'd suggest placing the mussels in a bowl with ice water and let them soak for about 20 minutes, before scrubbing them. This will let the sand from the mussels fall to the bottom of the bowl.

  • Any of your live mussels that happen to be open and don't close to the touch, should be discarded.

  • Right before cooking the mussels, remove them from the water, scrub with a brush and remove any beards.

Making the Spicy Tomato Sauce:

  • In a deep pan or a dutch oven, saute chopped onions with olive oil, minced garlic, chili paper flakes, and fresh thyme, for about 5 minutes.

  • Add Pomi Chopped Tomatoes

  • Add a teaspoon of salt and sugar and a little bit of freshly grounded pepper. Cover the pot and let cook for 20- 25 minutes.

Cooking Pasta

  • Cook your pasta according to instructions. *(see notes below on how to salt your pasta water).

  • Reserve a cup of pasta water and drain the rest once the pasta is cooked.

Cooking the Mussels:

  • In a dutch oven or heavy-duty pot with a cover, combine white wine, chopped onions, crushed garlic and bring it to boil.

  • Add mussels and cover it up. Cook for 2-4 minutes, until all the mussels have opened.

  • After the first 2 minutes remove the mussels that opened up and place them in a bowl; cover the pot and let the mussels to cook for couple more minutes. Any unopened mussels should be discarded.

  • Once all the mussels are in a bowl, let them cool off slightly. Once they're cool enough to handle, remove about 2/3 of the mussels from the shells and leave the rest in the shells.

Assembling the Pasta with Mussels in Spicy Tomato Sauce

  • Check tomato sauce for seasoning and adjust with salt and pepper as needed;

  • Add the mussels which were removed from shells to the spicy tomato sauce, and gently fold them in.

  • Add pasta to the pot or bowl, cover with sauce and gently mix together; if the sauce is too thick then add a little bit of your pasta water;

  • Transfer the pasta dish to a serving plate or pan (I like using my cast-iron skillet for the rustic effect).

  • Add your in-shell mussels on top and sprinkle with some chopped parsley for an outstanding looking dish, and serve.

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