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Recommended product

Pomì Tomato Juice is perfect to be enjoyed as is or together with delicious vegetable smoothies. For those who love drinks, Pomì Tomato Juice is a great base for a Bloody Mary, the famous cocktail-aperitif with vodka, lemon, Tabasco and a pinch of black pepper.

20 min
Ingredients for
Tomato Juice 750ml 2 ounces
Can of Chipotles in Adobo1/2 teaspoon
Cucumber Juice1/2 ounce
Cucumber SpearsTo taste
Hot SauceDash
Lime Juice1 ounce
Lime WedgesTo Taste
Mexican Beer5 ounces
Pomi Tomato Juice2 ounces
Soy Sauce1/2 teaspoon

If you’ve never had a michelada, it’s similar to a bloody mary in that it’s a tomato juice based cocktail, but it’s made with beer instead of vodka! It’s also got lime juice, and it’s typically rimmed in coarse salt like a margarita.

And these are a little different than the classic version, because I made them a little smoky and a little cucumber-y. I really love cucumber cocktails, and I thought the refreshing nature of the cucumber juice would taste amazing with the smokiness from a little chipotle in adobo.

To make the cucumber juice, literally all you do is throw a seedless cucumber into your blender or food processor, and purée it. Then, just strain it through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth, and you’re left with perfect, fresh cucumber juice.

1. Make the salty chili rim. On a small plate, mix together the coarse salt and chili powder. Moisten the edge of your glass with a lime wedge and rim in the chili salt. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Add the tomato juice, cucumber juice, lime juice, adobo sauce, soy sauce, and hot sauce and stir to combine. Top with the beer and stir to combine. Garnish with a cucumber spear and lime wedges. Serve!


To make the cucumber juice, add 1 large seedless cucumber, chopped, to a food processor and blend until smooth. Pour through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth into a bowl and press all of the juice out. I usually press down in the strainer with the back of a spoon or just squeeze it out if I’m using cheesecloth!

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