Tofu pesto and tomato Pennette


Tofu pesto and tomato Pennette


Tofu pesto and tomato Pennette

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 15 min


  • Ingredients
    • Basil
    • Oil
    • Onion 1
    • Penne pasta 1.1 lbs
    • Salt q.b.
    • Tofu 10 oz.

For this recipe we used:

Polpa Fine
14 oz.


Prepare a classic tomato sauce using Pomì strained tomato sauce and let it cool.
Meanwhile, in a food processor add the basil, tofu, salt and pepper. Mix everything together until reaching a smooth mixture that is well blended. Add the lukewarm tomato sauce and let everything sit in the pan.

Cook the pennette pasta (I recommend the corn ones) in boiling water with salt.
​Once cooked, mix the pennette with the "pesto" previously prepared without heating them again. Serve.