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Recommended product

Pomì Tomato Juice is perfect to be enjoyed as is or together with delicious vegetable smoothies. For those who love drinks, Pomì Tomato Juice is a great base for a Bloody Mary, the famous cocktail-aperitif with vodka, lemon, Tabasco and a pinch of black pepper.

50 min
Ingredients for 20 macarons
Tomato Juice 750ml 150 ml
00 flour60 g
Almond flour430 g
Caster sugar180 g
Egg whites380 g
Food colouringas required
Milk200 g
Potato starch40 g
Powderes sugar700 g
Sugar50 g

To make the Macarons, sift almond flour and powdered sugar in a bowl, then add 00 flour.
In a kneader, beat caster sugar and egg whites until stiff, then add the flours and blend bottom-up to keep it stiff.  Divide the mixture in two bowls and colour each with food colourings. Draw small circles on baking paper with edible colours and a biscuit mold and put the baking paper on an oven tray, then squeeze little macaron portions from a sac a poche, to create same-size biscuits. Let them rest for an hour before baking at 150° for 15 minutes (ventilated oven).

Now it is time to prepare the filling: whisk Pomì Tomato Juice and cold milk in a mixer. Blend sugar and sifted potato starch in a small pan (use a whisk) and cook for 5/10 minutes over low heat, stirring to avoid lumps. When the cream has thickened, transfer it on a big dish, cover with a plastic wrap and let it cool. In the end fill the Macaron halves with the Tomato mousse and serve.

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